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Remington offers a variety of ammunition products designed for specific uses and application. We also offer ammunition products suited to the preferences and needs of shooters. Two examples are Managed-Recoil® and HD Ultimate Home Defense ammunition products. To learn more about these unique options for your shooting needs, click the links below to jump to the product information.

Managed-Recoil® Ammunition


HD Ultimate Home Defense Ammunition

Managed-Recoil™ Ammunition is specially built to reduce felt recoil to half that of traditional ammunition. Whether you’re going deer hunting, skeet shooting or just sighting in your rifle, Remington Managed-Recoil Ammunition is an ideal alternative for shooters looking for a little less kick.

With less recoil, you can focus on the next shot, not your shoulder. But we didn’t just reduce recoil—we maintained performance and accuracy. Click on the type of ammo you’re interested in below to learn more.


Home invasions are a grim reality in today’s crime statistics. Our HD Ultimate Home Defense products are designed for reliable performance and ultimate stopping power. Whether it’s the dense, heavy pellets in the HD Ultimate Home Defense shotgun shells or the high-performance Brass Jacket Hollow Point (BJHP) bullet in the HD Ultimate Home Defense pistol and revolver cartridges, these products are intended for use in the most extreme situations. Click on the product links below to learn more.

Managed-Recoil® Ammunition for Centerfire Rifles

Reduce the kick, not the dropping power! Our Managed-Recoil Ammunition for centerfire rifles is optimized to provide 2x expansion and 75% weight retention on shots inside of 50 yards and out to 200 yards.

Managed-Recoil® Ammunition for Shotguns

Shotguns are the workhorse of firearms. Whether you’re enjoying recreational shooting, crouching in the brush, or quietly waiting in a tree stand, a shotgun will get the job done in just about any situation. That’s why Remington offers a diverse line of Managed-Recoil Ammunition for shotgun shooters who want the punch without feeling like they’ve been punched. Whether you need target loads, buckshot, or slugs, check out our complete line of Managed-Recoil Ammunition for shotguns.

Remington HD Ultimate Home Defense

Based on the same platform trusted by law enforcement professionals to protect the American way of life, now available to defend your family and home.

Remington Home Defense Ammo

Home Defense Remington Ammo 

Remington HD Ultimate Home Defense Loads

Remington HD Ultimate Home Defense