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Essential Upland Bird Hunting Gear

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Shotgun Monte Carlo Stocks
Monte Carlo Stock and Fore-end
For Model 870™ and Model 1100™ Shotguns


Shotgun Stocks
Stock and Fore-end
For Model 870 and Model 11-87 Shotguns
Available in Black and Mossy Oak BreakUp.


Length of Pull Kit
Now standard on all compact shotguns, our new Adjustable Length of Pull System makes it simple to tailor the fit of your firearm – all the way up to standard size.

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Remington Super Cell Recoil Pad
SuperCell™ Recoil Pad
The world’s most effective recoil pad.
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870 Extention Kit
Model 870™ Magazine Extension Kit
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Model 1100 and 11-87 Gas System Kit

Model 1100™/11-87™
12 Gauge Gas System Kit
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Wingmaster Pass Shooting
Wingmaster HD™
Pass Shooting Choke

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Wingmaster Flooded Timber
Wingmaster HD™
Flooded Timber Choke

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Shotgun Plug

Shotgun Plug

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Wingmaster Over Decoys

Wingmaster HD™
Over Decoys Choke

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A Great Remington Accessory

Rem® Oil Wipes

27-piece cleaning kit, Includes 50 patches
3-piece brass rod
6" x 8" wipe cloth saturated with Rem Oil
Available in: 12 Count Clampack, 100 Count Pop-up Canister
and 60 Count Pop-up Canister


Fast Snap 2.0Fast Snap 2.0
Fast Snap™ 2.0 Shotgun Cleaning System

Remington Fast Snap™ Handle
39" Flex Cleaning Rod with Large Base
Bore Light with battery
1 oz. Rem®Oil
  16 ga./12 ga. Slotted Brass Patch Puller
16 ga./ 12 ga. Brass Bore Brush
16 ga./12 ga. Mop
  20 ga. Brass Bore Brush
20 ga. Mop
75 Large Size Cleaning Patches
2 oz. Brite Bore™

Heritage Green Bone Handle Upland Knife
Heritage Series
Green Jigged Bone
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Heritage Seires Delrin Stag Upland Knife
Heritage Series
Delrin Stag
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Heritage Laminated Handle Upland Knife
Heritage Series
Laminated Wood
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 Dove and Quail Cleaning Kit
Dove/Quail Cleaning Set
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Remington Cutlery    
Wingmaster™ Multi-Tool

Duck and Pheasant Cleaning Kit
Duck/Pheasant Cleaning Set
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