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This is Remington

In 1816, Eliphalet Remington needed a rifle. Out of necessity and a few iron scraps, he forged his own and an icon was born. Since then, Remington has come to define a nation - along the way, seeing many milestones. The Model 870,™ the Model 700™ and Core-Lokt® ammunition, to name a few.

The history of Remington is of course closely tied to our military personnel and lawmen. Since the middle of the 19th century, whenever American forces stepped onto the field of battle, our weapons were there with them - a truth that continues to this day.

We are a company of innovation. Led by a team of the most powerful minds in the industry and operating under the most advanced R&D network in the world. New for 2013, we introduced the Model 783,™ a bolt-action that puts tack-driving accuracy within the reach of most consumers, and HyperSonic™ Centerfire ammunition, a pinnacle achievement in bonded bullet technology.

This is Remington. Welcome.


Jim “Marco” Marcotuli
President and Chief Executive Officer, Interim Chairman