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Hunting Suggestions


Hunting Choose the type of game you are hunting from the menu to view a chart containing suggestions on what shell or cartridge to use, what shot size, the suggested choke types, and comments from experienced hunters. 


 Alaskan Brown Bear  Doves & Pigeons  Moose  Rocky Mountain Bighorn
 Bison  Duck  Mule Deer  Rocky Mountain Goat
 Black Bear  Elk  Musk-ox  Sitka Blacktail Deer
 Blacktail Deer  Fox  Pheasants & Chukars  Squirrels
 Caribou  Goose  Pronghorn & Antelope  Turkey
 Cougar  Grizzly Bear  Quail  Whitetail Deer
 Desert Bighorn Sheep  Grouse or Partridge  Rabbits  Woodcock