Tough as nails—impenetrable layer of our proprietary polymer material ARMORLOKT™ forms a shell of Armor-tough protection against the harshest elements. All exterior metal surfaces of the Model 887 are locked in a vault of polymer armor that’s impervious to moisture and highly resistant to abuse. That means no rust. Ever. This allweather warrior can take anything you can.

Receiver and Cold Hammer forged barrel encased in ARMORLOKT™ for all weather protection.

Barrel made from 4140 steel—then bonded with ARMORLOKT™ via an injection molding process.

ARMORLOKT™ polymer forms the barrel rib for consistent rib alignment.

ARMORLOKT™ on barrel helps to rapidly dissipate heat.

Skeletonized steel receiver frame is also infused with ARMORLOKT™ material.

Fore-end—Butt-stock—Magazine cap and Trigger assembly round out the ARMORLOKT™ construction of the M887.

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